Window Tint Shades

We have four different window tint shades to choose from. One of the main reasons for having privacy glass is for the look of your vehicle. Once fitted with Tint-A-Mania’s products your vehicle will quite simply look ‘fantastic’. It’s amazing value for money and helps maintain the value of your vehicle. Not only that but tinting your windows with our products will also provide:

  • Protection from the suns damaging UV rays,
  • Provention against heat and glare,
  • Privacy from prying eyes,
  • Increasing privacy and
  • For safety and security
  • Keep the car cool on the inside
  • Helps animals that travel in the car stay cool


In January 2004 section 32 of the road traffic act was amended. The UK law now states that 70% of light must pass through the front driver and passenger side windows, also 75% of light to pass through the front windscreen. A 6″ strip can be placed across the top of the front windscreen. 

The back windows can have any percent of tint on them. Using extremely dark shades of tint will limit the driver’s vision, especially in bad weather conditions and at night.